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Hort snare is considerably larger than that in CPS applying the lengthy snare. Our study demonstrates that the short snare is viewed as to become helpful for removing colonic polyps compared with all the extended snare in CPS. Therefore,CSP making use of the short snare ought to develop into broadly applicable to Japanese patients. Disclosure of Interest: None declaredA P Potential,OBSERVATIONAL STUDY TO EVALUATE THE ACCURACY OF ELECTRONIC ISCAN CHROMOENDOSCOPY TO PREDICT HISTOLOGY OF COLORECTAL LESIONS IN NONEXPERT HANDS N. VallejoSenra,,M. DiazLopez,,R. FerreiroIglesias,,J. E. DominguezMunoz,Foundation for Research in Digestive Ailments,University Hospital of Santiago de Compostela,Santiago de Compostela,Spain Contact E-mail Address: Introduction: F16 precise detection and characterization of colorectal lesions are crucial for optimal therapy and followup methods. Electronic chromoendoscopy can be beneficial in this setting,but scientific proof is inconclusive. The usefulness of chromoendoscopy may perhaps differ according to the knowledge of endoscopists. We hypothesized that iScan,the electronic chromoendoscopy accessible in Pentax endoscopes,improves the characterization of colorectal lesions in nonexpert hands. Aims Approaches: Aim on the present study was to assess the effect of different iScan profiles for the accurate characterization of colorectal lesions in nonexpert hands. Material and approaches: A prospective,observational study of colorectal lesions detected in sufferers referred to our Endoscopy Unit for diagnostic colonoscopy from February to April was designed. 3 seasoned endoscopists collected four pictures from each lesion by applying HDwhite light (HDWL) and 3 unique iScan profiles (iScan,iScan and iScan),respectively just before endoscopic removal for histological evaluation. Total collected photos from all lesions have been presented unlabeled inside a randomized order to a young staff member having a two years experience in diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy,and having a limited knowledge in sophisticated imaging,for predicting histological diagnosis. The accuracy to predict histology together with the diverse iScan profiles compared to HDWL was calculated in line with the size from the lesions. The prediction self-assurance was also evaluated and classified as low and higher. Statistical evaluation was performed using the chisquare test and Fisher precise test,as proper. Benefits: PubMed ID: A total of images from lesions have been analyzed. Final histological diagnosis was adenoma in situations and serrated lesions in circumstances. Global accuracy for predicting histology enhanced from . with HDWL to . with iScan (p). Accuracy was similar with any in the 3 iScan profiles . and . for iScan ,and ,respectively) (n.s.). For nonserrated adenomas,accuracy to predict histology was . for HDWL in comparison to . with iScan (p). Once again,no statistical difference was observed amongst different iScan profiles,while accuracy tended to become greater with iScan . and . for iScan,and ,respectively) (n.s.). Accuracy for serrated lesions was equal with HDWL and iScan in each situations). Usefulness of iScan was greater for predicting histology in case of diminute and smaller lesions and . diagnostic improvement with regard to the accuracy with HDWL,respectively) (p). iScan also allowed to improve substantially the prediction self-confidence,and higher prediction confidence was much more frequent with iScan than with HDWL (p). Conclusion: iScan enables enhancing substantially the accuracy of optical diagnosis of colorectal lesion.

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